“The children were delighted after their visit and can’t wait to see you again.” - JULUIS BONANI, HOUSE FATHER, UNAKHO CHILDREN HOME

Community Projects

In 2017 we have the priveledge of investing in the lives of the children from Unakho Children Home.

I & J Unakho Children Home Care is a home for orphaned children in the Barcelona area of the Gugulethu Township in Cape Town, South Africa. It is run by Pastor Julius Bonani & his wife Irene Bonani.


Throughout the year, employees are involved in running and supporting efforts to raise funds toward the social initiatives. Blackbird group contributes to the fund by matching rand for rand the amount raised by staff, to certain threshold. Some of the fundraising initiatives includes:

Braai days
Dress-up days
Fun runs/walks
Market days

Social initiatives

Some of the initiatives we were able to invest in the lives of the Unakho children include:

Dentist visits and daily dental hygiene kit
Lunch at the BBG offices and flu vaccinations
Nurse visit vouchers
Computer/s and tablets; 1 year internet access
Year-end party and gift boxes