our history

Blackbird Group Holdings was founded in 2010 as an investment holdings firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our investments are located primarily in Africa and the Eastern European Block with a focus on the following sectors: financial services, healthcare and information technology.

our values

We are inspired by
innovative products and services that shape the way we think, changes the world and makes a difference in the lives of ordinary people.”


Implementing new and creative ideas that set us apart from the rest.


Upholding honesty and retaining high moral principles without compromise.


Encouraging employees to reach a standard of accomplishment through embracing mistakes as a learning technique and taking initiative.

wealth creation

Driving decisions towards focused growth, to create long-term value for shareholders.

problem solving

Investing in products and services that add value and meets a need in society.


Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions and policies.

We aspire to
creating long-term shareholder value by investing in acquisitive and organic growth.”