“At Blackbird Group
we believe that a
happy employee
is a productive employee.”
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Blackbird Group Holdings

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At Blackbird Group we care about our employees. And that’s why we believe in investing in the well-being of our staff.
Investing in our employees

At Blackbird Group we believe that a happy employee is a productive employee. We recognise the value of each individual, and that’s why promoting our company culture is important to us. We appreciate all the efforts of our exceptional staff and want to give something back. Employees can enjoy a load off by indulging in company events throughout the year:

Health and wellness – promoting awareness and visits from health institutions.
Learning and development – training to build on current skills set.
Teambuilding outings – interacting with colleagues in a social setting.
Social events – soccer team, braai day, competitions, etc.
Year-end function with award ceremony – recognition of employees’ contributions.


Upon joining our company, eligible employees will be entitled to the health and wellness programme provided by our company. Employees will be covered for free and will only bear the cost for any dependants they wish to add. Beneficiaries will have access to doctors’ and dentists’ visits, medication, counselling, hospital cover, emergency services and much more.

Pension Fund

Investing in the future and preparing for unforeseen situations is always a good idea. That’s why we’ve decided to make provision for our employees’ retirement. Employees contribute 5% of their salary towards this benefit and Blackbird Group will match the amount. The Pension Fund will afford the employee retirement, disability and death benefits.